Tips to Manage a Challenge to Men’s Health – Diabetes

Dealing with diabetes can be tough. Insulin resistance is one reason why it’s hard to lose weight and losing weight is one of the best things you can do if you’re diagnosed. Is there a cure? Technically no but there are lots of things you can do to combat one of the toughest challenges to mens health – diabetes.

Living the diabetic life is a challenge indeed. Diet is the number one tool in your arsenal and to beat it, you need to get good at balancing your nutrition. The scoop is arming yourself with the proper education you need to approach it the right way.

Personally, since I was diagnosed, I have been learning to add more fresh fruits and veggies to my diet, realizing that eating properly is a life or death choice for me. Knowing the proper way to eat is one the keys to your diabetic “cure” and there are several other steps to getting one of the dangers to mens health – diabetes under control and keeping it there.

There are lots of books out there and tons of info. The idea though is to make a simple plan of attack, execute it and stick with it. Remember you are going to have to live with whatever you come up with to deal with your diabetes so make sure it works and that you are able to commit to it.

Here are some tips to get started with:

1. Limit snacks and change to high nutrition value foods. This means cutting out the cookies, cakes pies and sweets in favor of foods rich in nutrients and fiber. Some good choices are fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, dark chocolate (limit it to very small amounts) and low carb snack bars/shakes. You can find great snack choices for diabetics in the health section of most major supermarkets.

2. Eliminate and avoid refined foods. These are your worst enemy when it comes to losing weight and can cause high blood sugars. Choose whole unprocessed foods instead. They will release carbs much slower and make your job of keeping your blood sugar in control much easier.

3. Watch the alcohol. This acts like sugar in your system and you want to consume only in very small amounts. Wine is the best alternative if you drink and you should combine it with food when you do drink.

4. Drink more water. Water helps to lower blood sugar and makes your whole body work more efficiently.

5. Eat more fruits and veggies. Yes I said that one before but it bears repeating. Fresh fruit and veggies naturally work to manage your blood sugar and are the best things you can put in your system. Steaming is one of the best methods to cook vegetables but you can find many recipes that you can use.

The key to dealing with one of the major challenges to mens health – diabetes, is getting a plan in place to control it and then to execute it on a daily basis. This will involve changing some old habits so be sure you commit to your personal plan of attack and stick to it. Diet is important as is learning to live a personal lifestyle that will help you succeed in controlling your blood sugar.

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